Making Money with Apps

Hello and welcome! This page is dedicated to my e-book “Making Money with Apps”. No matter wether you are planning to become a full-time independent developer like me or are just programming  in your spare time. My e-book can be of use to anyone who is somehow involved in mobile applications and wants to earn money with it.

The strategies described in this e-book will help you

  • Take the right decisions in planning your apps
  • Use easy-to-apply techniques to increase the visibility of your apps
  • Learn how to promote your apps with minimum effort
  • Maximize the revenue and earn several $1,000 a month from your apps

It gives newcomers a jumpstart to quickly immerse into the app-money-universe, but also contains insiders’ tips for people that already have released mobile apps. All the techniques described in the e-book are based on my very personal experience and have 100% worked for me. No fake numbers. All statistics and numbers in the book are for real, like the ones on my blog.

It contains everything I know about making money with apps: All information that can be found in my blogposts, combined in one clean structured PDF. It also contains tips & tricks that I have never talked about in my blogposts  before! So this e-book is not only a reference book about things you might already know from following my blog. It is THE collection of all my experience and knowledge that I gained in the last months as an independent developer. Consider it my very personal “Necronomicon for App-Money-Makers” 🙂

You can get your copy of the e-book, featuring over 80 pages (…and counting) of information, for $29.99 right below.

I have temporarily put the e-book sale on hold. I am working on a complete overhaul of the content which will be released as a 2.0 version once it is ready. Please be patient until then.


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I will give you a three-day money back guarantee, for the case that you are absolutely not satisfied with the content. Just contact me in a three-day period after the purchase!

Be aware that this e-book does NOT teach you how to program mobile applications. There are numerous books covering that topic. My e-book is a guide to make money with your apps.

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